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Docs Opener 0.1 will allow you to open documents of different formats
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Docs Opener 0.1 is a program that will allow you to open documents of different formats.
It will let you open Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (any version), Media Playlist files, PHP files, .NET configuration files, Windows Visual Styles files, Perl Script Language source files, and some more.

You will be able to copy the text when opening text files. That can be useful if you need to extract the text from a file you cannot open, because you do not have the proper program installed. You can even edit the text in the file using Docs Opener, but you will need to copy the edited text and paste it in another program if you want to save the changes, since this program DOES NOT save anything. However, you can print the text. When opening PowerPoint presentations, you will be able to view each slide, one by one, without sound. In this case, you will not be able to copy the text or any other element in the presentation.

You can associate Docs Opener to be the default program that will open the files that have a given extension.

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